Slide feel connected, live reassured. Providing round the clock reassurance for the elderly, vunerable and those caring for them.

Our System of intelligent products rethinks how we care for our loved ones, enabling them to remain independent at home. From monitoring for falls through to unusual changes in their daily routines.

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Lady Reading Home is the happiest place to be Wellwise provide carers the right information and context to make better decisions. We look at what ever is important to you and the person being cared for and how one area impacts another, giving context so you can make better care decisions. Swimmer For your safety, wellbeing, health and care Wellwise is unique in combining information across these key areas to advise if everything looks OK, and gives an early warning if not, to carers or emergency services. Cake Reports on incidents alerts We look out for any critical situations. Our call centre is on hand 24 / 7. A panic button press, a fall, someone with dementia wandering out in the middle of the night ... whilst delivering insights, notifications and trends in our App to support the users and their carers make informed decisions. Kitchen Reassuring and personalised care We know our loved ones ones the best. Decide what's important and receive a notification if that event has or hasn't happened. From medication taken, carers visited even where everyday items are such as keys - select whatever is relevant to you that indicates there may be a problem.


Wellwise provide carers the right information and context to make better decisions. We look at what ever is important to you and the person being cared for and how one area impacts another, giving context so you can make better care decisions.


Our products not only alert carers of immediate concerns providing early notification of a vulnerable person’s situation. Linking families, health and care professionals.


We’ve made installation easy and the products unobtrusive for ease of use. Just plug in the hub to get going. Wellwise adapts to any home – our system connects via Wi-Fi or uses mobile data if there’s no internet.

Connected Connected no matter where you are Stay updated where ever you are on your mobile, tablet or desktop. See at a glance if there's a problem, and receive out of app motifications for the things most important to you. Lady Reading Care at a glance Whether you need to confirm medication has been taken or simply check a loved one's at home before a visit, our secure dashboard allows immediate, real-time assurance. Here To Help On hand for any emergencies Our products are connected to a friendly voice on the end of the phone. Our team are on hand to provide immediate reassurance and route calls to loved ones and emergency services. Insights Insights into daily life. Proactive care Optional small sensors around the house track the things that are important to you, such as home temperature or eating habits. We advise on variations from normal routines, helping you to act as early as possible.

Meet the Products MEET THE PRODUCTS

The Wellwise hub gathers information from sensors around the house and has a speaker and microphone to talk with the call centre in the event of an Alert.

The Relay extends the range, provides location details of users and items and enables you to see if any appliance plugged in to it, is being used.

The User Tag attaches to a person and includes a panic button, monitoring for falls and a variety of other activity sensors.

The Activity Tag informs whether any items is being used, its location and a variety of capabilities providing an update on the home environment.

What we do What we do Our extensive service aims to cover key aspects of day-to-day life, from interpreting the nuances of daily routines to safeguarding and monitoring against the risk of serious incidents such as falls. Health Monitoring Health Monitoring Pair health devices such as blood pressure, glucose monitors or our connected pill box to remind when medication needs to be taken. Track the variations in readings and deliver notifications. Secure Data Your Data You own your data, your information is kept secure and private and your personal records can be deleted on request. Above and Beyond Above and beyond With no installation required, pre- and post-event analysis enabling in-depth views of incidents, through to simply finding misplaced items around the house, Wellwise delivers a unique solution.


Wellwise helps your loved ones stay independent and at home as long as possible, helping reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and improve post-operative recovery.


Wellwise is powerful, expandable, upgradable, scalable and remotely controllable. Users and carers are at the heart of all we do.


Three packages to cater for different needs. Starting from £26 pm for 24/7 monitoring, through to in-depth insights and early warning to help provide the best possible care.


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Thanks to years of experience in developing technology related products and in recognition of the need for Wellwise, significant funding and support has been received

Slide ABOUT US We have years of experiencing in designing and launching technology solutions. Here’s a few things to know about us.

Our teams’ passion and experience has led us to believe that there has to be a better solution for giving our loved ones peace of mind and independence as they grow older. We know our ageing population is growing; we’re seeing an unprecedented strain on our healthcare system, we have insufficient carers to deal with the demand, and there’s an agreed consensus people need to be kept out of the ‘system’ and live at home, self-caring, yet supported by loved one and carers wherever possible.

There is an obvious lack of enabling technology that can help keep the elderly and vulnerable as safe and as well as possible whilst remaining in their own homes. After all, we all know that people who are able to live independently for longer are happier. Wellwise has been designed specifically with the user in mind and is the first affordable and intelligent solution of its kind, sending early alerts of possible problems so that you can take action if needs be. We empower and give peace of mind to your loved ones and to you, the carer.

Our teams’ track record of developing and launching multi-award winning products as well as personal experience in this sector gives us the credibility for a much needed fresh approach to the problems. We believe Wellwise gives you a solution that is so much better, delivering true peace of mind.